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6 years of incredibly stellar service

West Seattle pet sitter and dog walker, also serving Burien, Beacon Hill, Boulevard Park, Georgetown and South ParkWe love Walking the Paws!  We've been with Diane and the team for 6 years and have had 6 years of incredibly stellar service.  During this time, Diane has been with us as we suffered through the loss of our previous precious companion who was 18 when she passed.   Diane was such a great companion to our older girl whenever we needed her and treated Tisha with such great care.  We never worried about Tisha being in WTP's care even as she came up to the end of her life.

Now, Diane is still with us as we brought 2 new companions into our lives - both rescue dogs - and both as wonderful as can be, but with their sets of issues.  Diane is so wonderful with them.  She built a rapport with both of them immediately and is always creative in trying new ways to address any "issues" which come up - which is thankfully rare.  She just has such a great touch with the "paw-enabled."

Finally, she is so incredibly flexible with our demanding schedules.  Our household has very unpredictable schedules and my partner and I are often on the road.  Both he and I also don't know sometimes until the last minute that we'll need to go out of town or what our schedule will be and when we'll need pet-sitting help.  Diane has ALWAYS tried her best to accommodate this wackiness, even last minute.  It's the very rare occasion when she hasn't been able to, and in those rare instances when she just can't, we always know she tried her hardest and she works with us to try to find an alternative option.

Dawn and Andrew, West Seattle

Diane satisfied my picky requirement

pet sitter West Seattle, Burien, I highly recommend Diane Hoover of Walking the Paws Pet Care for pet sitting and pet services. She is very reliable, organized, friendly and professional.

Diane has worked with our family for over 2 years. She was so understanding of the needs of our LARGE senior dog Walter. Whether it was a tummy rub, a walk or tossing the ball in the yard, she met his needs at his pace. We lost Walter this past spring, but Diane still takes care of our two older cats (Olive and Simon) and Riley.

Diane is very responsive and understanding of the individual needs of both pets and pet owners. She is conscientious in her handling of medication, feeding times, walks, and home security.

I work a lot of hours and the transition between my leaving and coming home has never been so easy. My animal family is obviously well taken care of. I feel that Diane will do whatever is necessary in the best interest of our pets; this is something hard to find in almost any industry, and we are very appreciative.

Walking the Paws is A++++ in my book. Diane satisfied my picky requirements and put my mind at ease immediately. My animals are my children and I have not had a single qualm in having Diane come into my home and take care my little ones. I have always wished for a service like Walking the Paws. It is very apparent that Diane is committed to providing excellent service. I recommend Diane to every pet owner I know in the Seattle area.

Pamela, West Seattle

I couldn't have asked for better service

Diane has been a wonderful resource for me and my 7 year old Beagle Tanner. She walked him on a weekly basis, plus days when I got caught late at work. She always sent me emails to let me know how things went, and once when her computer went down she even left me a card at the house. On occasions that my dog was extra-lucky, she would also leave some treats for him. Diane always kept our appointments straight, even though she must have thought I was determined to mix them up as much as possible! (Sorry Diane!)

Without my request, Diane took it upon herself to encourage my dog to walk more obediently on a leash. She would use different leashes and a standard halter to accomplish this, always ensuring my permission first. I was surprised when after a couple weeks I noticed him walking better for me! Talk about a happy surprise. This isn't anything that Diane promised me or even suggested would happen, and I can't say you would notice the same, but it was my personal experience.

For me, one of the hardest things about hiring a dog-walker was wondering if your home and your dog will be safe, and in good hands. (Giving away a key to your door is tough!) I can thankfully say that you do not have to worry about either of these things with Diane. On more then one occasion my boyfriend or myself unexpectedly came home while Diane was doing a walk for us, and things were always going great. For me, it was a huge relief to realize you have hired someone you can trust with access to your house and pets.

When I first went looking for a dog-walker, I had no idea I would be so pleased with what I found. I couldn't have asked for better service!

Nicole, West Seattle

thank you from the bottom of my heart

Thank you so much for taking such good care of my cats all these years. Every time I went away I felt secure and happy knowing they were going to be looked after by you. I especially appreciated the required phone call when I got back home to let you know that I had arrived safe. This special touch of care, consideration and kindness touched my heart. I also appreciated the "report cards" I received every time-those were great! It was so nice knowing the little details of what went on while I was away! You are truly an angel, Diane. We will miss you so very much. If I ever move back to Seattle, I will certainly call on you once again. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart and from Monkey and Blue's as well!

Katie Love, West Seattle

genuine caring atmosphere

My husband and I recently went on a short vacation, three nights and four days, and hired “Walking The Paws” Diane Hoover to cat sit our three house cats.

It worked out very well for us. We felt very comfortable knowing that they were well-taken care of, they were entertained, and had they been the type of cats with a bit more energy than just sitting in the sun all day, they would have been exercised regularly as well.

We would recommend Diane of “Walking The Paws” to anyone who is interested in quality pet sitting with reasonable rates and the genuine caring atmosphere she brings with her when she takes care of ‘her’ pets.

Ahlyshawndra & David, SouthPark, Washington

a trusted friend

dog walker West Seattle, BurienI encourage you to schedule a meeting with Diane. Diane’s presence and dedication are obvious upon meeting with her.

This is a woman who truly cares for the relationship between pet and human.

I was referred to Diane, as well as two other pet sitters. After meeting Diane, I canceled the other appointments.

Diane bravely worked with my trainer to establish a relationship with a dog who had challenging social skills.

The first meeting: leash, muzzle and a lot of tension. Two meetings a week and six weeks later, she was visiting while I was at work. Watson was eating treats out of her hand.

Diane went above and beyond to establish a relationship with Watson.

I was asking someone who is focused on pet sitting to be a participant in a training experiment.

This dedication is the best example I can give to show Diane’s love of pets.

Diane is extremely organized and casual at the same time. Her priority is the happiness of the pet owner and pet.

I trust Diane completely to give the best care for Watson. I schedule visits with Diane when I am working not because Watson needs to be let out or fed, but because he has a relationship with Diane and truly enjoys her visits.

I look forward to her visits knowing that Watson will be entertained, loved and able to spend time with someone he considers a trusted friend.

You could not find a pet sitter more dedicated to your pet’s happiness and well-being.

Andrew, West Seattle

thank you for the great job

This is a belated thank you for the great job you did with the dogs, birds and fish both on your own and, most importantly, coordinated with Polly's return. I'd hoped for a very brief re-acclimation period on my return and it was shorter and smoother than I thought it would be. It is definitely important to keep the dogs (and all companion animals, I would guess) in their own digs when the family decides to travel. As I kind of expected, the dogs just treated my return as if I'd just been to the store and were clearly still very much at ease (as much as is possible) with each other and their environment (which was the whole point of keeping them together and in their familiar surroundings). Thanks for making it possible.


the kitties love you

West Seattle cat sitterThank you for the lovely card! You always do such a wonderful job . . .the kitties love you! And I never worry about them!

Have a wonderful Holiday!

Big hugs!

Chris & Mike, West Seattle